No More SuperLeagues: Europe-wide Petition Calls for Action 

Irish supporters at home and abroad are being asked to sign a petition calling for the European Commission to act against the formation of so-called “SuperLeagues”. 2021’s failed bid to launch a closed-shop SuperLeague for a select number of clubs sent shockwaves through European football – a move that would have impacted clubs and supporters at all levels of the game, including Ireland. 

A new European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) calls on the European Union to act now and protect football before another iteration of the same exclusive model of competition is mooted again. Recent suggested reforms to the Champions League model, which would copper fasten qualification for certain clubs, regardless of results on the pitch represent a threat also.

Ireland was one of nine EU countries to back the creation of the ‘Win It On The Pitch’ ECI petition, co-ordinated by Football Supporters Europe (FSE). Mobilisation by supporters put an almost-immediate halt to initial SuperLeague plans last spring and they are once again leading efforts to ensure there is no repeat. 

The ECI calls for:

  • Protection of the European model of Sport: sporting merit including promotion / relegation, qualification for European competitions via domestic success, financial solidarity
  • Protect the social value of sport: sport is not just another business
  • Involve supporters: as one of sport’s key stakeholders, ensure fans are part of discussions about the long-term future of European sport

Niamh O’Mahony, who was one of the signatories of the initial ECI request and who sits on the FAI’s Assembly as one of two representatives for the Irish Football Supporters Partnership (IFSP), said: “The European Super League seemed a distant notion to some Irish fans but had it proceeded, it would have had significant implications for all levels of the game including Ireland. 

“We’ve always understood the importance of sporting merit across European football and it is essential that the European Union ensures a fair game for everyone involved, including supporters, and not just lining the pockets of those that benefit too much already. Every signature will make a difference, so please take 90 seconds to pledge your support right today.”

All citizens of an EU country who are old enough to vote in the European Parliament elections (18 years of age in Ireland) are entitled to sign the ECI. The IFSP is urging: Sign today, Don’t delay!

How to Sign:

  1. Log on to: 
  2. Click Sign the Initiative
  3. Select ‘Ireland’ our your EU country. 
  4. Enter your full name, date of birth and address. 
  5. Enter the letters and numbers needed for the Captcha check.
  6. Click Support.
  7. Share with friends, family & colleagues and let them know a quick action can make all the difference

Use the hashtags #winitonthepitch #nomoresuperleagues

The IFSP represent organised supporters within FAI structures and bring together CRISC, ISN and YBIG Mandate in a representative and democratic way.