About ISN

The Irish Supporters Network brings together the growing number of supporter-run clubs, supporters trusts and fan organisations in Ireland.
The organisation is a federal co-operative registered in Ireland and registered at Bishopstown Training Ground, Curraheen, Co. Cork. Its founding members are FORAS, Galway United Football Co-op and The 1895 Trust.
The main objectives of the Society shall be:
  1. To advocate and actively support the ideals and benefits of community ownership and supporter involvement within Irish football.
  2. To act as the voice and focal point for all community owned clubs, supporters’ trusts and democratic supporters’ groups at national level.
  3. To engage with all relevant stakeholders with the aim of persuading them to take action on developing a more sustainable game at national league level in Ireland.
  4. To arrange events, training and conferences and to publish online and print information and promotional material to achieve the main objectives of the Society
  5. To provide or arrange for the provision of any service or services which may be for the benefit of the members and others including the arranging of suitable training courses.

International membership

ISN is a member of SD Europe, representing the Republic of Ireland. SD Europe is a non-profit organisation meeting the need for meaningful supporter involvement in the running of football clubs and the sustainable development of the game as a whole.