A closer look at LOI finances… blog recommendation

If you’re a regular on Twitter and / or a League of Ireland supporter, you’ve probably noticed the hard work of Bohemian FC supporter John O’Connor in recent weeks.

Taking a look at accounts from clubs across the Premier and First Divisions, John has delved into the financial detail available through the Companies Registration Office (CRO), delivering plain English summaries and insight into how various clubs and the league in general has fared in recent years.

John’s blog: https://leagueofirelandfinance.blogspot.com/

Of particular interest is the comparison of clubs that are co-operatives or member-run football clubs and those currently relying on benefactors to fund their activities.

European qualification as well as promotion / relegation have significant impacts on the respective clubs involved as expected, and there’s also a review of the challenging decade of the 2000s – which saw a number of League of Ireland clubs in serious financial trouble following on-field success.